ARTIST: kazoo-goddess
TRACK: Cornered! (kazoo)

I hope none of you object to this cover

Got a large volume of asks from that mispost so:

A) I didn’t do anything illegal, I was just a witness to something and had to talk to official people because of that

B) Yes, I’m fine uwu

Thanks for the concern, and sorry again!

Phone’s been returned. Here’s me, posting from it. Things to resume as usual eventually.

the-insanity-of-mojiru asked:
Your Jellyfish Song Acapella is so pretty! Will you ever make one of Grand Music to go with it? (Sorry if I'm being rude.)

You aren’t being rude at all! I actually get this question a lot, so I hope you don’t mind that I’ve answered publicly uwu

I’ve been working on an acapella of Grand Music (sometimes called Dye Music???) for a few months now - the percussion and some of the instruments have given me a difficult time, since all I have to replicate them with is my voice. Still, I haven’t given up! I’ll try my best to finish it as soon as I can! (That is, provided I don’t keep getting headaches when I work on it -badum tshhh-)

Should also mention; there’s a possibility that someone else has access to my tumblr since my phone is lost and I can’t say who will have it (I was logged in at the time). If you see weird posts, you’ll know why.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I won’t be posting kazoos tonight.

Anonymous asked:



(I cut out two pieces of felt and turned them into eyebrows)

go-go-ghost-ship asked:
Ooh oohh cosplay Garnet from Steven Universe!! :D

I even photoshopped my hair into a square for you

shogi-king asked:
In regards to the cosplaying ask thingy, how about Gou Matsuoka? :D


omg muscles

I don’t own a purple wig

send me a character and I’ll do my best to cosplay them with what I have on hand


i’ll only do the first one or two!