YOU’RE ALL REALLY SWEET THANK YOU FOR STICKING UP FOR ME QwQ I’m headed to bed now, but I appreciate the kindness!!!

Anonymous asked:
youre a fucking fatasss stop cosplaying

Whoa. Do you need a hug pal? You seem pretty upset over something as silly as an old cosplay :c I mean, I thought I looked pretty cute!



I’m gonna reblog this every day till someone does it.

pls someone submit me one, I’ve had people do it before and it’s hella adorable xxx

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follow kazoo-goddess

this was in my tag and is also very kind

Under the cut: That lil cosplay thing I was talking about + my face

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some reaction image request for anon on /vp/

I want to have a party in animal crossing………………………

You know, speaking of Pokemon, there’s a follower who was supposed to send this Giratina to? But whoever it was, the message got lost in my inbox! Person, if you see this, I still have the Giratina for you!! Please send me an ask if you still want it! >w<

I just found my old Team Aqua cosplay (save for the bandana) and I’m really tempted to try putting it on just to see if it still fits…………….