Imitating a harp using a kazoo is harder than it sounds

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Ugh, MEN. First there’s fake geek girls, and now there’s fake guitar girls.

It’s just the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Like, I should have asked him if HE knows how to play it. How the hell does he even know about that chord. Why do you ask someone such a question. I am still confused and it has been months.

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What is your favorite chord

Interesting question dear anon! One I’ve never been asked, either. And, well…while I can’t say I have a FAVORITE chord, there is one guitar chord that I know I’ll never forget - F#m11, for the guitar. Would you like to hear the story? <3

I was out one day - I think at the mall, and I had my guitar with me. It was just in its case, I was eating some lunch, and suddenly some guy I don’t know comes up to me. We have the standard conversation that always happens when strangers see anyone with a guitar case:

Him: Is that a guitar?
Me: Yes.
Him: Do you play?
Me: Yes.

Here’s where it got weird. The guy gives me this HUGE grin, crosses his arms, and says, “Really? You actually play?” And I just kinda nod, thinking to myself ‘this is getting weird, can I walk away soon?’, and he laughs and says, “If you can REALLY play, then can you play an F sharp minor 11?” Cue me staring at him like a deer caught in headlights - I’m a beginner at guitar and have no idea how in the hell I should even begin to put that together. So I just shake my head and mumble “No…?”

The guy scoffs, rolls his eyes, mutters, “KNEW it.” And then he walks away.

Later on I went to my guitar teacher and asked him what the chord was (he was just as weirded out by the story as I was when it happened) - but he plays it for me, and I go home to practice.

So here I am, struggling to get my fingers to play this dang chord (this is it if you’d like to try), when it hits me that I have ABSOLUTELY heard this chord before! After a few minutes of racking my brain to try and figure it out, realization hits me like a tennis racket to the face: It’s the first chord in "The Real Folk Blues" from Cowboy Bebop. So from there I spend the rest of the evening figuring out a more simple version of the chord and, eventually, learning the song.

Long story short: F#m11 is apparently a chord that you should know in case some random stranger decides to call you out on your guitar prowess.

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Would you ever play a kazoo made of diamond?

I would, but it would have to be REALLY well crafted…or else I’m not entirely certain how good the sound would be.

Oooooh this cajun food is so good! I’m working at a festival today! :DDD

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what city of socal do you live?! (i like live there too)

o: Whoa! You should come off anon! I’d rather not disclose my city to…literally everyone, if that’s okay x’D

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do you live in florida or somewhere else because if you don’t then it’s not me ;w;

Nah I’m in SoCal /o/

Someone who’s on my blog lives literally fifteen minutes away from me

Who are you

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I’m gonna be honest, I have no recollection of making this…but I’m still cracking up so I have to share.